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VIDEO // MTN Water Based x Rime MSK Studio Works

There are quite many graffiti writers who have a more artistic angle and fame due to their restless type of creativity. This is why our MTN Water Based is the perfect tool when you want to combine different aspects of painting with aerosol, basically the advantages of using water based paint. We accompanied Rime MSK during his exhibition “Reaction Lines” over at Wall works in Paris, and we open a new line of videos, which together with MTN Water Based, allows us to get closer to the work of some of graffiti-art’s most important names. Rime MTN Colours Click here for more from Rime via Arty Graffarti

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VIDEO // Nekst Forever

The title says it all. In 2012 the Graffiti world lost a great. NEKST will be missed forever for his bold and unrelenting style. His name will always be synonymous with what a true graffiti writer is. A group of friends gathered in Detroit to reproduce NEKST’S John Hancock on the front of the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art. The Seventh Letter Click here for more on Nekst and TSL via Arty Graffarti