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Horfee's Imaginarium Ain't No Doodles9

BOOK // Horfée’s Imaginarium – Ain’t No Doodles

The rise of Parisian graffiti writer, sometimes artist, Horfée culminated at a show in London, in the first half of 2013, firmly establishing him as one of the biggest images makers in the scene for some time. Displaying on a variety of mediums, which included tattoo flash sheets, hand draw small & large scale pieces and classic animation presentations, the PAL Crew alumni showed those in attendance, and the world, that he certainly wasn’t a one trick pony, firmly establishing himself as an artistic force to be reckoned with. And while us fanboys salivated over the images we saw being broadcast across the information super highway, there was word of a art book being released to coincide with that show, being only available at the show. But due to some higher graffito power, we are seeing the left over copies being available to purchase, deliver and into the hands of yours truly, to which I can happily say has been worth the wait. Whether you like them or not, the influence Horfée and PAL Crew …

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VIDEO // ‘PAL Crew in New York’ by Will Robson-Scott

Who better to document this mischievous crew on their recent trip to New York then top documentor Will Robson-Scott. Using an old style film camcoder, the photographer suitably films the Parisian crew as they take over the city matching the nostalgic artistic style from both ends in the process, 90’s all the way mang, I feel like watching Kids now. Check out this interview I had with Will Robson-Scott earlier this year for Carbon Festival. Will Robson-Scott

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VIDEO // Horfe on ‘Imaginarium’

Those lucky lucky people in England were recently treated to a very special solo show by none other then the global street art communities biggest name at the moment, Horfe. While he doesn’t like to be pined down by the culture, his influence and body of work on the streets cannot be ignored with this video giving us all an inside look into the artists process and thoughts on his work. Please come to Australia again soon Mr. Horfe!!! Topsafe Horfe


BOOK // Crack & Shine: International

Now I’m not really into comparing certain things against others and I try my hardest not to say something is my absolute favourite, but… I think this could be the best and my most favourite book out right now. If there is better, sure, let me know, but this is definately one to beat. Much like its little brother Crack & Shine: London the International version is more or less the same, but focusing more on some of the best graffiti writers and street artists around the world. With a line up that includes Roid, Andre, Snotrag, Revok, Gore and Horfe, its hard not to ignore the sheer scale of talent and infamy throughout this book, before even reading it. It most definately, lives up to its hype, its price and its previous edition. First of all, I should let you know that, I’ve been waiting for this one, when it hit my local Villain and the Christmas money came through, it was an instant purchase and after spending about an hour on it, I …