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TOP 10: VIDEOS | 2015

The short form video has become an integral part of the global graffiti and street art scene, whether it be from Melbourne, Iceland or anywhere in between. While there are a ton of websites, just like this one, curating and sharing the best of the best public arts found from around the world, the video is the best way to get noticed on an even broader scale. With a mixture of amateur and professional videographers spreading more vandalism and art then ever before, it’s only fitting to compile 10 of the best found throughout the end of this mid-decade point. Anyone can make a video today, but creating an engaging and interesting piece is getting harder with all the other distractions found at our fingertips, with these 10 being some of the best. It should be noted that all the video’s found throughout this website are highly curated and have been on Arty Graffarti for a reason, defiantly positive. 10. SHIDA “THE NINE TAILS FOX” VIEW IT HERE Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can change your perspective …