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Seasons Of Change Winter 2013 @ Revolver29

GALLERY | Seasons Of Change ‘Winter’ with The F1 Crew at Revolver Upstairs

My sincerest apologises about this one, but it actually went on the weekend I shipped off to Japan, but despite my tying up of a few lose ends and packing and all the stuff that comes with travelling, I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world. Melbourne’s F1 Crew features some of our cities best writers and artists, while also having some of the best from around the world also. The Fresh One’s includes the likes of: Shem, Sirum, Does, Phibs, Vans The Omega and many more, with those names along proving the crew’s quality and skill when it comes to their craft. The Seasons of Change team have a knack for picking their teams careful when putting together a show, with this seasons edition being one of the must haves for the ever popular exhibition series. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, group shows are a tricky one to write for, there usually isn’t a consistant theme overall for the whole show and it’s generally just a bunch of artists …


GALLERY // Does ‘Endless Perspectives’ at 48 Easey Street, Collingwood

Does is somewhat of an adopted son of Melbourne, this is his second solo show in our city and he is a regular visitor for the passed 3 years. It’s easy to see why we would want him back so many times, he’s an absolute graffiti king with a style that is unmatched both in style and execution. You’d be right in thinking that some of the photo’s in this post are digitally altered, but they aren’t, this is straight from his hands and mind, to your eyes. Does is a personal favourite writer of mine and has been for a long time, I think I’ve already gone through this enough times, so it will come as no surprised that I enjoyed this show. While there wasn’t a lot on display, quality certainly made up for quantity as the 4 main pieces throughout the space were enough to give any graffiti fan goosebumps. Each was accompanied by some very nice pieces of purchasable photography, showing the artists process and location for each piece. Each city …