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Every piece of graffiti you see on this site contain a lifetimes worth of influence, containing in itself, a past, present and future from it’s creator. While the internet has become the resource for most graffiti writers, the most fundamental of learning experiences come from shared ones. Every practitioner has their own consistent learning curve to advance (or get blocked) over certain periods of their ongoing process, which can be made easier with a equally experienced counterpart to feed from. It’s because of this, that I decided to honour the shared actions of graffiti through this list, as most live and learn through experiences, but an extra set of hands and minds can only make things better. This list is no definitive collection, rather the best of what I found for 2015. There’s a lot of work out there, I unfortunately can’t keep up with the demand this city brings day in-day out. 10. OG23 – ASKEM | RICHMOND SEE FULL POST HERE In theory, side by side, colour-matching pieces should be one of the most simplistic things to …