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On Guard Ink10

INK // On Guard: Moonshine

Thinking back to the old days, graffiti writers and artist didn’t really have a lot of tools to work with for their craft. There certainly weren’t any stores to go get your favourite low pressure or high pressure paints, you basically got what you were given or what you made. But even to this day, there are people who refuse to get what they pay for, some are really good at it, some not so much. The latter can’t be said for this product I am reviewing here today, On Guard Ink, a locally made and bottle specialist ink brand for those who need it. It’s always good to see a bunch of independents, who are passionette enough about their culture and lifestyle to produce their own products, especially when its this good.   It should be noted from the get go, this stuff is strong and it dries very quickly, so if you’re the type who likes to keep their mits clean, put some gloves on. Now just to be specific here, I’m using …