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EXHIBITION | Seasons of Change ‘Autumn’ with The ACM Crew | Revolver Upstairs | March 4

Brought to you by Revolver Upstairs ‘Seasons of Change’ has been showcasing local and international artists at Revolvers internal and external art spaces for over 5 years. The elements of each event is dictated by the event’s artists, however all will feature a large scale mural on outside wall lasting for three months and a one night only exhibition. Limited edition commemorative prints will also be produced for each exhibition. Following the event prints will then be available for sale on the DangerFork online store (if not sold out). Join us in kicking off 2016 with one of Melbourne’s most dedicated style writing crews ACM (Art Crush Mob) featuring new works by Bailer, Dynes, Hatch, Kid Silk, Nekm, Putos, Rews & Siege as well as a one off limited run screen print signed by the artists. Music from J-Red & DJ Who. Free entry, 6pm – 9pm. Friday 4th March. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE ACM CREW – REVOLVER UPSTAIRS Click here for previous SEASONS OF CHANGE shows via Morning Glory

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EXHIBITION | ‘Made In Melbourne’ Group Show | Auguste Clown Gallery | February 19 – March 6

Join us for the opening night reception and drinks! “Made In Melbourne” brings together various artistic styles and mediums in a celebration of the local talent Melbourne has to offer. Including both traditional paintings and a collection of handmade sculptural pieces, the exhibition brilliantly showcases the diversity and quality of our hometown artists. Featuring over 30 local artists: Adi, Anna Scheen – Linogirl, Benjamin Laukas, Cat Rabbit, Christopher Hancock, Creatures of Nat, Deiter Barry Creations, Dvate, Ella Smethurst, Ellie McAlphine, Emma Hampton, Emma Leonard, Fiona Fioski, Hannakin, Jack Douglas, Jessica Charlotte, Jubly Umph, Julian Briones, Kaitlin Beckett, Lamai Anne, Lucy Lucy, Ouvra, Mel Macklin, Melissa Grisancich, MIMAW, Miss E, Mysterious Al, Nadia Turner, Sam Pea, Sarah Neale, Shawn Lu, Steve Cross, Stuart Amos, Tayla Broekman. Exhibition is on view at Auguste Clown Gallery from the 19th February – 6th March 2016. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE AUGUSTE CLOWN GALLERY

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EXHIBITION | Salad ‘Don’t Change The Song’ | Bang’s Boutique

Bang’s Boutique have been nice enough to loan me their space to showcase a show! Oldies and newies! Smallies and Biggies! Photos and Designs! Prints and Originals! As well as lots of Young Thug quotes (Dw if you dont like Young Thug. There’ll be lots of other stuff!) Every peice will be for sale ranging from $20-$100 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE SALAD Click here for more work from Salad via Morning Glory



Graffiti is not a sport, but it also kind of is. It’s competitive nature makes it seem that way sometimes, but it’s individualistic spirit keeps it away from over analyzation and a ton of pretentiousness. I’ve been wanting to compile lists like this every year, since starting Arty Graffarti, but have found the whole idea… a bit silly and inadvertently arrogant. In saying that, it’s hard to ignore the amount of talent this city brings to the global scene, as many spread them overseas, while others share theirs here. 2015 (as a whole) has been another great year in the Melbourne graffiti scene, and for all it’s beefs, opinions and praises, the majority who put work into it, have been doing this city justice. Condensing hundreds of pieces was a lot more work then I had bargained for, but I hope this list can really do Melbourne proud, as it showcases its diversity, range and savviness to an unbreakable craft. This list is no definitive collection, rather the best of what I found for 2015. There’s a lot of work out there, but i …



Street art continues to be at awkward standstill in Melbourne for 2015. It’s a topic I have expressed confusion and disappointment in for the last couple years, with little change towards the positive. That’s not to suggest that any change should be made, due to yours truly, but the wave we’re currently stuck in hasn’t been pushing us, to where we should be, for some time. With a number of this cities best street artists finding extended success overseas, only a handful have filled the void they once occupied. And despite all of this, there is still great public art to be found across the Melbourne outdoors, with this list featuring a loaf of artists who predominately practise graffiti. But to suggest that street art is truly “art in the streets” then, the idea of who does what, isn’t so far fetched. Melbourne’s graffiti writers have extended their skills over the last 5 years in particular, stretching their craft into form outside of letters, giving those who question their ability, a lot to be accounted for. This list is no definitive collection, rather the …

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TOP 10: VIDEOS | 2015

The short form video has become an integral part of the global graffiti and street art scene, whether it be from Melbourne, Iceland or anywhere in between. While there are a ton of websites, just like this one, curating and sharing the best of the best public arts found from around the world, the video is the best way to get noticed on an even broader scale. With a mixture of amateur and professional videographers spreading more vandalism and art then ever before, it’s only fitting to compile 10 of the best found throughout the end of this mid-decade point. Anyone can make a video today, but creating an engaging and interesting piece is getting harder with all the other distractions found at our fingertips, with these 10 being some of the best. It should be noted that all the video’s found throughout this website are highly curated and have been on Arty Graffarti for a reason, defiantly positive. 10. SHIDA “THE NINE TAILS FOX” VIEW IT HERE Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can change your perspective …

FLUORESCENCIA | Felipe Pantone x Stylus


In November 2015 three creatives traveled to Paramaribo, the bustling capital of a lesser known nation on the northeastern coast of South America. They arrived with a simple goal, to combine forces in a series of experiments, mixing film, light and muralism. Felipe Pantone is a visual artist based in Valencia, Spain. His work explores themes of futurism, technology, glitches, and the advancement of the species. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, effects, and the use of mixed medium and varied technique combine to impact strongly on the viewer. Obsessed with speed and forward motion, Felipe has taken his large scale mural work worldwide, having painted walls in 5 continents. Rebecca Smith is a multidisciplinary creative based in the UK. Her project Stylus explores progressive forms of combining projection mapping with hand crafted image. In a live performance, both elements evolve and interact, to create a canvas of movement, light and paint. FELIPE PANTONE –  STYLUS SELINA MILES Click here for more work from Felipe Pantone via Arty Graffarti Click here for more video work from Selina …

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Sunday Walls July Featuring; Nemco, Histoe, Numskull & Friends. ‘Sunday Walls’ hosted monthly by The Lord Gladstone & The Goodspace gallery in Chippendale Sydney. The worlds best artists come together to put up some temporary works accompanied by live music, cheap beer and the best food around. Each month there will be an accompanying video and gallery available in this post so stay tuned for regular updates. NEMCO – HISTOE – NUMSKULL GOODSPACE BILLY ZAMMIT Click here for more work from Nemco via Arty Graffarti Click here for more work from Histoe via Arty Graffarti Click here for more work from Numskull via Arty Graffarti Click here for more from Goodspace via Arty Graffarti

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Fintan Magee first became involved in Brisbane’s thriving graffiti scene in the late 1990s. An interest in painting gradually led Fintan to break away from traditional graffiti lettering and move towards figurative painting and street art. Even before obtaining his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in 2009, Fintan was well on his way towards becoming one of the world’s most renowned street artists. Fintan’s success has in part been due to his prolific global campaign of impressive murals and in part due to the emotional depth of his subject matter, which explores contemporary social issues with a relatable subtlety, through muted colours and elements of the mundane. Fintan’s artwork depicts the relationship between man, nature and civilisation. His murals, which are often in industrial or low-income areas, tell stories of struggle, loss, migration and hope. Fintan’s artwork, on either walls or canvas, expertly presents universal struggle and hope from a personal perspective. WATER WORLD Since the 2011 Brisbane floods, which razed large areas of Fintan’s home town, Fintan has been focused on exploring the human …