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INK // On Guard: Moonshine


Thinking back to the old days, graffiti writers and artist didn’t really have a lot of tools to work with for their craft. There certainly weren’t any stores to go get your favourite low pressure or high pressure paints, you basically got what you were given or what you made. But even to this day, there are people who refuse to get what they pay for, some are really good at it, some not so much. The latter can’t be said for this product I am reviewing here today, On Guard Ink, a locally made and bottle specialist ink brand for those who need it. It’s always good to see a bunch of independents, who are passionette enough about their culture and lifestyle to produce their own products, especially when its this good.

 On Guard Ink3 On Guard Ink4 On Guard Ink5

It should be noted from the get go, this stuff is strong and it dries very quickly, so if you’re the type who likes to keep their mits clean, put some gloves on. Now just to be specific here, I’m using a standard Art Primo/Krink K-60 mop with two balls  for shakin’ and bakin’. Pouring the ink into the bottle was relatively easy and it required little to no shaking to the get the mixture looking like it does above. I’ve always found that a few other brands have a chalky mixture at the bottom, that sometimes hardens about a bit too much at the bottom, making it difficult to get the mix right in some case, this wasn’t one of those [Note: Before doing this test squirt, I had the bottle for 2 weeks prior].

On Guard Ink2

Now for the surface I’ll be testing this stuff on, I found this little piece of ‘canvas’ about a month ago and thought why not? While it may not look ideal, it has a smooth surface up front [similar to glass, etc] and a rougher one of the back [similar to a painted door] so its actually not a bad little piece to be testing this on. I’m not going to be testing handstyles or anything like that for a couple of reasons, 1] only an idiot would do that and 2] I prefer being Bruce Wayne then Batman [and I ain’t no Batman], hopefully that makes sense to you all.

On Guard Ink6 On Guard Ink12On Guard Ink7

I did a couple of tests with this, one that was a hard push, the other, none at all. As you can see by the first flick, this stuff does run like a bitch, if given that pressure. But it can also write quite clearly, along with a mixture of both, if given the pressure. It’s really nice stuff and the one thing I noticed immediately, that I expected, was that it really doesn’t smell that bad at all. It may not seem like much but doing this stuff outside and not having it smell is a bonus, you don’t worry about the long term ramifications of huffing ink and it makes you getting up more secretive or if you’re an artist, more your work becomes more approachable [I’ve been to shows and I can still smell the ink]. Now the drips run for a really long time, in fact, this stuff ran from top to bottom on this smooth side, at the same time, that was cause I was some what forcing it to do that, this stuff is easy to control. Suprisingly aswell, it dries a lot quicker then you’d expect, I’d say 5-8 minutes, keeping in mind that it was a warm day. Check out the gifs to see what I mean, sorry they didn’t come out as nice [first time], but you get the picture .

On Guard Ink8 On Guard Ink9 On Guard Ink11

Squeezing this stuff on the rough side of the canvas was more or less the same, the texture of the piece made it drip less, but thats only natural. It worked really well and I can’t wait to use it on something more industrial, it will definately stand out. The chrome colour looks really nice against both sides, it’s thick but glossy enough to stand out or over the rest. It’s a confusingly great ink, by that I mean it feels a little thin, but it comes out thick nicely, but not too much. I haven’t done a buff test yet, who really know’s what those bastards use too, but by the looks of my concrete floor here, this stuff won’t be going anywhere soon either, it was easy to get off my hands, but we’re talking about a wash 10mins after I used it, pretty standard for most inks. I’m the type of person that only uses 3 caps, high pressure paint and ink that does what I tell it to with my paint, I’m not fussy or reliant on what the product does, more about what I do with it and this is the type of ink that does that for me. It drips when I want it to, it drys real quick and it looks good. For a locally made bottle of ink, this stuff stands out amongst the rest and it’ will definately be something I’ll continue to use whenever I need it.

ArtyGraffarti gives On Guard Ink a:


It’s really really good and even better at the fact that its locally made, I’m really impressed by this stuff, it’s just proof that you don’t need a big factory or anything for quality, just experience, trial and error and a bit of passion. It’s only fault, well its not really a fault, it’s just that there’s only 1 colour available [chrome] and I was reviewing it as a product, not a colour. I have heard that they are looking to expand on their range, so be on the lookout for some new colours and some shirts by the one and only Shem, coming soon. But if you’re looking for a solid chrome, this stuff is 10/10, get it before they run out!

On Guard Ink10

Thanks to the On Guard team for allowing me to review their product and for the bottle itself, keep up the awesome work!

On Guard Ink is available from the following:

NiceCat NorthcoteGIANT Production

But should be expanding to more outlets soon, stay in touch with the team here:

On Guard Ink

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