Month: January 2013


GALLERY // Seasons of Change: ‘Summer’ with The SDM Crew at Colonel Tans

The Seasons of Change shows have become a welcomed addition to the Melbourne street art and graffiti gallery scene, one could point it to being at Revolver/Colonel Tans [good food, good vibe], but the main thing is probably the shows themselves [very good shows]. Jorz, Shem, Porno, Ling, Mayo, Sabeth, Frame, Cam Scale, Chris Drummond and Dvate have all featured at one time or another, an impressive roster in its own right. But with all due respect to all those previous, SDM would have to be one of the biggest. Despite being a Melbourne born and based crew the arm of SDM stretches far across the globe, with Dabs and Myla in LA, the newly appointed Gent from the UK and globetrotter Aeon going here there and everywhere. Some outside exposure never really hurts anyone, ever, so with a crew like this styles and techniques are going to be coming out the ying yang.With that in mind, SDM certainly doesn’t disappoint from an artists stand point for this show, everyone clearly brought their A-game out …


VIDEO // Henry Chalfant’s ‘All City’

Director Henry Chalfant introduces his film All City (1983), which grew out of an idea to do a youth TV program about Hip Hop and other cultural phenomena of interest to young urbanites. The program was never realized, but the trailer grew into a portrait of the different elements of Hip Hop in the mid-80s. The venue is Fashion Moda, a popular art gallery on Third Avenue in the Bronx. There is a demonstration of Bboying, and Rap, followed by a discussion, hosted by Spank TC5, about art and culture with important graffiti artists of the time including Dondi, Butch, Mare and Brim. The video includes a montage of murals by Henry Chalfant and a Pop and Lock lesson by Mr. Wiggles. It features the young Bboy crew, VTB, The Very Tough Breakers. Henry Chalfant


Roa ‘Carrion’ at Backwoods Gallery

Art and science, two worlds rarely associated with each other, sure scientists are used to uncover the authenticity and age of some critical pieces, but what about the pieces themselves? Street artist Roa has been exploring the visual and scientific themes of Darwin through his work for some time now, displaying not only the beauty in some of our most famous creatures, but the beauty science has to offer. Basically what I’m saying is, sometimes its whats on the inside that counts. I think it should be noted first, Backwoods have really upped there game for 2012, letting some of their artists take over the space physically and really put their gallery goers in a world of their own. Walking into the gallery for this show instantly took you out of it, a rusty old shanty shed divides you between the main gallery space, surrounded with animal skulls and autopsy video’s, where the hell are we? You think to yourself and the question of where are we going is answered very quickly. Turn a corner …