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MAGAZINE // Hurt You Bad: Concealed Intentions #1


Anyone who mildly follows this blog knows that I am a big fan of the team up at Topsafe in London, whether its the Crack & Shine video or book series, I’ve seen and bought them all, included a fantastic Horfe print. So when it was announced that they were collaborating with the great Hurt You Bad blog to release a magazine about graffiti, I was instantly onboard. These guys have been a constant and consistant inspiration for me and this blog, with this latest installment being another must read cover to cover.


One of the things I love about Topsafe is that, they’re the go to guys for some of the worlds most sought after writers at the moment in Horfe and Roids, making their jobs easier then some. But while they include these two in most of their work, they always seem to find more stories about more writers and artists around the world, collaborating with the Hurt You Bad team has only made it even more interesting. The tagline for this first issue states, ‘A graffiti magazine, with no graffiti in it’, this 100% true, but that doesn’t mean its boring, not by a long shot. This 100+ page magazine says more about graffiti then some books do or have, if you believe that this culture and its lifestyle is just about painting walls and trains, then this magazine is for you.




The only way to get this great publication is through the Topsafe webstore, get in fast, this is a great read, seriously and it will most likely be a collectors item one day too.

TopsafeHurt You Bad

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