Month: October 2012


ZINE // Read It & Weep Zine Volume 1

For those that don’t know, Read It and Weep is an awesome Melbourne based clothing label with heavy ties to the street, graffiti and tattoo culture. While there has only been around half a dozen great releases so far, the quality in both design and materials is top notch, I personally have a couple of pieces my wardrobe. So picking up this limited zine was a quick and easy option and at its very cheap price, it should be sitting in your collection very soon too. I’ve become some what of a zine collector over the last year or so, artist made content, from the artists to the fans are great. Klara, 45RPM, Slurpee Slug and Reka have all made some great ones to get a look into their lives/interests and work all in one quick go. The zine culture itself has a strong history in a number of music cultures, punk in particular and this is the first to remind me of such a time. This isn’t a sloppy piece of work at all, …