Month: June 2012


GALLERY // Reka ‘Open Studio’ at Backwoods Gallery

There’s people out there that get sad or upset when their friends and family leave to travel overseas and live, I usually go the opposite way, I’m more then happy and some what jealous of anybody who leaves to explore other parts of the planet. And while I don’t know Reka personally, hearing that he was leaving for Europe is a very exciting thing to think about as a fan, as artists work only improves once they travel. It’s honestly, one of the best things about graffiti being on the internet, a point which rarely gets any positive light. His Open Studio one night stand show last Wednesday, showcased the skill and influence this artist has had on the Melbourne street art and graffiti scene over the passed 8 to 10 years. Growing up and living in the south east suburbs of Melbourne, I always found myself traveling to the city looking for something more then what my hometown presented me, I started skateboarding at a young age and eventually turned to graffiti the older …

IMG_0939 cleaned up 2

EXCLUSIVE // Soner or Later: 15 Years Later | Soner – Elias | Northcote

Melbourne writer Soner sent me an email today with a couple of images on a touch up he did recently on the Epping Line, it should be noted that this piece is nearly 15 YEARS OLD and pretty much untouched. You guys know that I rarely put up photo’s that aren’t mine, but how can I not share this dopeness with you all? Nice one Soner and Elias, hope this one lasts for 15 more.   Soner – Elias Northcote


GALLERY // Adnate ‘Lost Culture’ at Rtist Gallery

Another show opened last Thursday night at Rtist Gallery and if Prometheus wasn’t opening at IMAX on the same night, I would have definately been down there, but had to settle for Saturday afternoon instead. AWOL Crews Adnate returned from Berlin late last year and completely switched from his fantastic graffiti burners to the photo realistic street art portraits in the process. The end result? Well I think they have spoken for themselves and this show has been a fine example of that. Walking into this show, I had an idea of what to expect from Adnate, his street art portraits from around the world have been incredibly popular around melbourne as of late and for good reason. But like anyone, I wanted to find something new, something fresh and something that will really show off the talent this artist possess. As expected, I was faced with over a dozen pieces of some incredibly lifelike image, featuring people all around the world, from different nations, cultures and lives. Each tell their own story, whether it …