Month: March 2012

Well Wisher Studio Visit75

EXCLUSIVE // Zonkvision Studio Visit

I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Zonkvision cave last week to get a little preview of the upcoming Well Wisher show that’s going down next week. While the guys were painting up some pretty sticky looking pieces, I wandered around the space taking snaps of and around their working spaces. There are some pretty interesting influences surrounding the make shift studio, miniature war games, paint, tinnies, a bottle of Art Clean, colouring books, VB, a Korg, video tapes and more, its like a big culture spew in there, the good kind. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this show, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be something really unique. Its raw, colourful and over the top, in a good way, this will definately be a show you won’t forget any time soon. Enter at the exit It’s a war out there, assemble your troops Beats and beugs Mr. Scribble looking over the proceedings from the crew, one eye on the bong, the other, looking for new spots to get …


GALLERY // New York City Kings at Rtist Gallery

To be considered a king in graffiti is a pretty big deal and to be one under the New York City banner, is a whole other thing. The New York City scene of the late 70s and 80s pretty much wrote the text-book on graffiti as we’ve since and ’til today, it wouldn’t be what it is without that period. It’s a very rare thing to have a collection of writers and artists in a group show such as this and it’s an even rarer thing to have it in Australia, but Rtist have brought them together to display some of their work and it’s certainly a treat for those who love the art form and its history. While I love them for their variety, I feel that I’m not so good at covering group shows, there’s usually so much going on and so much to look at, that the overall meaning of the show gets mixed up amongst the multiple artists expressing different things. This show, I didn’t feel as much, I don’t think …


GALLERY // Reka ‘Primary Suspects’ at Backwoods Gallery

Reka opened his solo show for 2012 at Backwoods Gallery on Friday night and it certainly lived up to its expectations, this is a solid effort for an artist who had another solo show at the space only 10 months before. Overall, this show just shows how much of a creative machine he is and given any campus, he’ll make art out of it, just look at some of the layers within these pieces! I say this a lot but walking into a show that is full of life and colour like this, is a great thing to behold and this may be one of the first things that jumps at you about this show. Surrounded by some independent and geometric shapes, all the elements connect to form some amazing [almost] spiritual/other worldly creatures.  These creatures truly live in the canvas’, whether they’re just passing through, shying away or looking back at you, each have their own personalities and lives. The closest example I can compare it to, are the photo’s donning the halls of Hogwarts in …