Month: October 2011

Stabs Lite Works @ Backwoods26

GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery

So here we are, the Stabs show has finally dropped in the Backwoods and as expected, it was a spectacle for the eyes. Wow! Seriously, fucking wow, what a show, undescribably original and unique, put in its own world. Stencilling is quiet an art, obviously just look at Rone‘s work, but Stabs and his monsters take it to a whole new one of a kind level. For characters that could be hand drawn or even sprayed, you can’t help but respect the level of detail Stabs puts into his pieces, its ridiculously intricate and most likely pain staking. I’m sure we’ve all heard that some can take up to weeks to finish. and some of the pieces in this show, scaling up to 2 metres, would back up these statements. When you first walk up the stairs to Backwoods, the first thing you see is one of Stabs’ hand cut stencils and its a big one…. if you needed any more ways to be impressed by this man’s work, then you have no soul. I obviously enjoyed …


GALLERY // Deams ‘Swoop & Melody’ at Rtist Gallery

Headed on down for the opening of Awol Crew’s Deams show at Rtist last night and was treated to a very impressive show of skill, style and colour. As I said on my previous post covering the Unwell Bunny show last month, I don’t have a car at the moment and I hate catching trains, so its always good to do this and not be disappointed. Once again, Rtist brought the tunes and the beer, and Deams has provided a solo show worth seeing. We got there pretty early and the place was already buzzing, about half full and chatty, there are plenty of pieces to look at for this show, each with their own unique touches, colours and formations. From what I’ve seen from Deams in the streets, is that he always throws primary shapes together to create birds, that probably doesn’t make sense but I’m sure the pictures will help it make more. It’s an incredible style, as it is so unique and immediately stands out from the rest, especially because he makes …