Month: August 2011

Meggs Inner Demons II Backwoods Gallery13

GALLERY // Meggs ‘Inner Demons II’ at Backwoods Gallery

Meggs launched his Inner Demons show on home turf in Collingwood on Friday night and it was worth the wait. Quite a fair bit has changed in Meggs’ style since his last show, but he is only getting better and better. Although I do miss the bold cartoon inspired style of the “old Meggs”, you can’t help but like what he’s putting out for this show and for, what seems to be, the future. Red is still a staple of his work, while blue seems to be more replaced with black and gold and it works. Also instead of his multi-layered mess of characters, hes using comic book clippings throughout his work, amazing, take a closer look at those and you’ll find so much more in his work. Although this may be quite a biased view as I’m already a big fan, this show is fantastic, there was nothing here I can say I didn’t like and you should definately head on down to Backwoods before it finishes! Meggs Backwoods Gallery

Sofles Rtist Show2

GALLERY // Sofles “Fragments of Consciousness” at RTIST Gallery

Headed on down to opening of the Sofles Fragments of Consciousness Show at Rtists Gallery last night and, as expected, it was very impressed. Hailing from Brisbane, this is Sofles first solo show in Melbourne, he is a big name in Australian graffiti and its easy to see why. We arrived there a little late, but we got there in time for a little live painting show by Sofles, it was a really good idea and something I’ve yet to see at other shows. There were two large boards surrounded by a fence outside, painted like Metro trains, the lights went low and Sofles with a shirt wrapped around his head entered, cut an opening and painted the “panel”. I really liked the little live show, not only was it different, but I got to see the artists do a live painting, his speed was very impressive too. The pieces in the show are awesome also, not only a talented spray artist, Sofles is really coming into his own as a “fine” artist [I dunno …